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Contact Details 

Please be aware that all appointments are currently conducted online or via the telephone.


For general enquiries, please contact 

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Health Insurance and Employer Insurance Payments:


I am registered with all of the major health insurance providers. If you are enquiring about appointments under a health insurance scheme, please make contact with Vanessa Craddock on the above details in the first instance, rather than making a booking online, and she will arrange an appointment for you.


In the case of pre-authorised sessions, I will typically be invoicing your insurance company directly in accordance with their fee schedule. There may be an excess fee charged to you so please ensure that this is clarified with the insurance company prior to our appointment. For psychological services that are covered but that have not been formally pre-authorised, you may be required to pay me directly and then claim reimbursement from your insurance company. If in doubt, please communicate with your insurer about the terms and conditions of your particular policy.

Trainee Therapists and Reduced Rate Appointments


I have a limited number of appointments with a sliding-scale fee for those unable to afford the regular fee - please enquire for further information.


Clinical Supervision:


Healthcare Practitioners (e.g. Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Assistant Psychologists): £70


Applied Psychology and Psycho-therapeutic Trainees: Sliding scale


Training, Workshops and Public Speaking Enquiries, please enquire directly (

Therapeutic Retreats also available.  Please enquire ( for details.

For additional services, please visit:

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