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How the course has been useful in my life:


"It's changed my life! It's been a complete epiphany. It's totally changed my every day life. I know how important it is to take time for "me" and to not overanalyse every aspect of my life but to "be" with how I feel and move on. The primary/secondary experience in particular as well as the kindness meditations have been particularly helpful. Can't recommend it enough".


"Calmness, acceptance and it's ok to be me".

"I came to the course to find a way of dealing with myself when I became stressed - I now find that I am not becoming stressed to the same extent".

"The ability to switch off negativity and predicting things which may not even happen, calm the negative reactions within the body with body scan etc".


"A completely different view of how my mind approaches life and how I myself can influence my thoughts, decisions and, to a certain extent, emotions".

"Ability to stop and consider - use toolkit to help anxiety levels lower. Not get caught up by pressures that aren't as big as they seem".

"An understanding of awareness and mindfulness in daily life. It has introduced me to meditation which I would like to explore more and made me think about how I can be more mindful in daily life".

"I have learnt a huge amount - mainly about pacing, about giving myself permission to slow down - and how much better I feel for it. Also, meditation - I've definitely got better and also know that it's ok for other thoughts to enter, but to let them pass"

"Too much to write here!! Meditation isn't about having a blank mind but a way to relax and focus your attention and achieve a lovely sense of peace. It's allowed me to attain a greater level of balance in my life".

"Really useful. Able to use breathing techniques to control pain experience. Learning about the anxieties surrounding pain that are the real demons and using mindfulness to control. I really enjoyed the theory and working examples provided throughout the course".

"An ability to relax myself using breathing and body scans. Becoming more aware of things around me - taking me outside of my head and thoughts. Aware of nature & slowing down. Being more peaceful".

"I feel the course has taught me to appreciate the present and not to dwell on what has passed or what may be (or may not be!). I find particularly helpful the bodyscan meditation, the mindful movements and the habit releasers...watching the clouds".

Comments on the teacher:

"Exactly the right person for teaching this".

"Fantastic! Perfect! What can I say? Accommodating, accepting. Victoria's delivery of the amazing course was paramount in my understanding and appreciation of the material. Thank you Victoria, it has changed my life!"

"Victoria is nothing short of remarkable. The way she leads the lessons is truly first class and her ability to tune into how people are feeling and gently guide them to a healthier way of looking at a situation or life choice/pattern of behaviour is truly remarkable. She has changed my life. Hard to be more positive about our teacher, she's amazing! She has a quiet but powerful calm about her and exudes mindfulness. A great advocate and truly a master at what she teaches. Even if she insists it's a practice, not a way/state of being. I'm very inspired!"

"Very approachable and personable at all times. Thank you Victoria - this has changed my life and therefore those around me".

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