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© 2020 - Galbraith Psychology Limited, Company Number 11227184

Registered Office: Number 5 The Business Quarter Eco Park, Eco Park Road, Ludlow, Shropshire, England, SY8 1FD

Online Therapy - Book Here

👩🏼‍💻  There are many potential benefits to online therapy. Time & Cost-Saving for one... Travelling to and from therapy can sometimes add a great deal of time on to your day and in an age of constant busy-ness, this can prevent many from choosing to seek support. Online therapy can eliminate this concern.


If you’re in business, taking time out of your day can impact on revenue plus if you have children who require childcare whilst you attend therapy, this can also impact significantly on cost. Although not ideal, if you know your child’s nap time, you could organise your therapy during that time, or if your child is old enough to entertain themselves, but too young to stay home alone, it could be organised around this (again not ideal, but we can work with you on this). If you struggle to leave home for whatever reason or if your working schedule doesn’t allow you to leave the office, you can organise therapy in the comfort of your own living space or office!

Online Learning.
Dr Galbraith offers online therapy to suit your individual needs. To book online, please click here  💻