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We offer a range of events, training packages and workshops for individuals, groups and organisations. Additional workshops/courses coming soon. Bespoke courses available. Please make contact to discuss your requirements.

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October-November '19
Monday 20th January 2020
Mindfulness for Stress Taster Evening
Ashford Carbonel
£5 (for limited period)
Coming soon...

Supporting loved ones with low mood at Christmas

Ashford Carbonel


Coming soon...

Psychology of Weight Management Taster Evening

Ashford Carbonel


Public Speaking & Training

With over a decade's experience of working in an academic environment, Dr. Galbraith can deliver a range of training and public speaking engagements to suit your needs. From lecturing to a theatre full of 200 undergraduate psychology students training small groups of doctoral psychology candidates, launching a newly revised doctoral programme to senior members of the healthcare community, delivering professional research papers to her peers to delivering keynote pubic lectures on behalf of her profession. This wealth and breadth of experience in tailoring the material appropriately to the relevant audience is a particular strength and we are able to support your professional development and training needs in areas which include mental health, personal/professional development, psychological therapies and mindfulness.

Mental Health Training for Organisations 

Given Dr Galbraith's extensive experience of assessing, reviewing and advising on mental healthcare strategies for corporate and civil service organisations, together with her academic career to date, she can provide bespoke training packages for your organisation to suit your particular requirements. Examples of possible packages may include mental health training, stress management, mental health awareness training, developing self-care and resilience in the workplace, preparing psychologically for retirement, and mindfulness.

Be Mindful in Nature 

Dr Galbraith is particularly interested in taking her work outdoors and therefore provides various psychotherapeutic consultations and mindfulness workshops outside of the consulting room. Please make contact if you are interested in hearing more about these.

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