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Police Retreats with

Our police workshops and retreats are dedicated to the policing family. We cater for currently serving and retired police officers and their families, as well as officers who are absent from work due to ill-health.

This is a dedicated offering which has been developed from an evidence-based foundation to support officers and their families, who are experiencing physical and/or psychological difficulties. Difficulties may include (but are not restricted to) relationship or family issues, work stress, depression, anxiety, or trauma. Our aim is to empower officers and/or their families to find ways of moving forward. 

Support will be provided by a range of professional experts and facilitated by Dr. Victoria Galbraith, Registered Psychologist.

Workshops and retreats are tailored to suit the individual and/or group of attendees/guests, and may include:

  • Coastal activities, for example, sailing, paddle boarding, surfing, coasteering, yoga, pilates, which have been found to assist symptoms of a range of mental health difficulties;

  • Coastal mindful walks, arts and/or crafts;

  • Psychoeducational workshops which facilitate an understanding of symptoms experienced for officers and/or their families;

  • One to one and/or group therapy/support for officers and/or their families with the opportunity to continue this therapeutic work post- retreat via Skype;

  • Healthy, balanced meals and refreshments.

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